Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bean Teepees

This is a space saver when growing beans. Above is a small space version of the bean tee pee. Your poles can be wood or bamboo. You want to use 5-6 poles that are at least 6 -7 feet tall. Make a tee pee out of them and tie them at the top. Then you will need to make notches with a knife where you will tie the string. If not the rope will slip down. You can plant a bean plant on each side of the poles (2 between each pole). When they start to grow help guide them and then the bean plant should do the rest.
The picture above is what it should look like when it has grown quite a bit.

These are larger more spaced out tee pees. They are called living tee pees and can be fun for kids. Also they are interesting to look at! :) You will have to pick beans from the outside and the inside.

This gives you a better view of what a large kids bean tee pee looks like without the beans.


  1. This rocks, lillbutton!

  2. I think I am going to do another bean teepee that is super big. Scarlet red runner beans are perfect.

  3. Do you drive them into the ground?