Sunday, March 21, 2010

Veggies Growing outside

Since I live in Georgia it is not covered in a blanket of snow. So I was able to start a few things outside the last week of Feb. and first week of Mar. Above are an assortment of white icicle radishes and regular radishes. I have also planted beets and white egg turnips which aren't shown. They are doing great!
I have attempted carrots again. Finally I was able to get them to start growing. It's so hard to plant them 1 inch apart so it's better to just toss them in and thin later. I think the key with carrots is water! keep them moist until they start to grow well then water normal. If you plant carrot seeds outside when it is warm enough you want to make sure you cover them and keep them watered until they sprout good. Maybe instead of having a row of carrots try many short rows and inch or two apart and then cover them. You can make little row covers by buying the long windowsill pots. a 3 foot one would be good. doesn't have to be a deep one. Cut the bottom of the long pot off and duck tape painters plastic(I love duck tape) so when you flip it upside down on a few rows no more than 3 feet long its a cover with a sky lite. lift only to water when needed. check daily. Once the seeds have sprouted great and look hardy you can remove it and water as needed. Carrots will take when it is still chilly out. Just wait until after the last frost.
Garlic is so easy to grow. Yes these long shoots are Garlic. All you need is a good garlic bulb. Take the bulb apart and plant each garlic clove 3 inches apart and about 1 inch deep. Point side up ruff side down. They take root so quickly.. I understand it takes a long time to grow. At least till the end of summer. If your garlic grows big then starts to yellow and dry out check one to see if its ready. You don't want to leave them in the ground for too long or they will go nasty. use a hand shovel and start at least as far as what the bulb might be wide. Go straight down and then push up the earth to loosen. try to tap off as much dirt as you can. you will need to let them dry and then you should be able to wipe the dirt clean off. If you have many bulbs you can actually braid them together. And hang them in your kitchen. to dry more.

I have already started Potatoes in Buckets since my garden has not been plowed yet. I will be doing more of these when my other potato seed order comes in. This method will be one of a few I will use to grow potatoes. These are Red potatoes. I loved growing them last year. There is nothing like a tater grown at home. My potatoes only travel 50 feet to my kitchen and dinner plate... Most folks taters have frequent flyer miles by the time they eat them. I also have all blue potatoes planted in the ground behind this grow box. I still have about 14 more pounds of potatoes to plant. I think I am going to have to sell them at the farmers market.
I think everyone should grow potatoes. It's so easy. I had 20 plants last year this year I should have about 100.

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