Sunday, March 21, 2010

Starting my vegetable garden inside

I've started alot of veggies inside. Some have already been transplanted into larger pots. I have also been creative on using other items around the house to plant in.

These are my leek seedlings. They come up pretty fast inside. I covered mine with a clear shower cap and the other with clear painters plastic. If you start onions of any kind in a round pot you can buy a bag of clear shower/dryer caps from sally's beauty supply. They fit over and snug on any pot not bigger then your head! :) It helps keep them moist>less watering. most of my seedlings and starter pots just get misted with a squirt bottle. when I say misted I mean soaking the soil around the seedling not the plant itself. it doesn't disrupt the seed and new growth as much.... I would just make sure you bottle is big>mine is small and I have to fill it up a lot.

It's 2 weeks to plow time in the garden so I have decided to start a few seeds you would normally sow straight in the ground. I figure I can have veggies that much faster. The day I transplant these I will also start seeds in the ground. These pots have 3 brussel sprout, 2 yellow squash, 2 zucchini and 1 cucumber for pickles... We love Pickles! Yes we do! We made homemade garlic dill pickles last year. They were a hit where ever I took them. Homemade dill pickles are great for fried pickles. YUM! When it gets closer to pickle time I will post my secret pickle recipe. It's super easy and there is no canning involved. Start saving glass jars and lids now though. Any kind will work.. I save sauce jars, glass mayo jars or you can just buy new also.

The 8 pots to the right have globe artichoke growing.. So far it looks like 5 out of 8 will be transplanted. I will be planting them in the far back corner of my garden where the soil retains the most moisture and the weeds and wild things seem to grow like giants. I think they will like there. I will also plant a blueberries and sunflowers back there. Eventually that corner will become the permanent corner for Vegetables and fruit that will produce many seasons. I would love to have more fruit in my garden.


  1. Can't wait to see how your blueberries turn out Lill. I will try them next year in my own garden.

  2. Well if you get blueberries from the store get some seeds out of them. Dry them for a week or two and then try to plant them.