Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring 2010

It's time to start fresh and grow fresh! Now that it's spring I am starting to get the garden itch.. You know what i am talking about. You can't wait to start planting and growing your own food! I started my seeds inside early this year. I am also going to be planting some more permanent vegetable and fruit plants this year. I also have decided to order a wide variety of seed potato. Last years potatoes did very well out in the garden.. Georgia dirt isn't the best. So last year was a "science project" to find out what did and didn't grow so easily. Some vegetables like carrots I have decided to try again. I have learned from my mistakes last year. I also learned that there is a dead zone in my garden which I will not waste my time on this year. It will be the new home for container plants like bucket potatoes. and shovel storage. Maybe next year that is where I will build a raised bed or two. Most of the garden this year will be potatoes but I will be using other growing methods to limit how much space they take up. We are also going to hit the zucchini hard and tomatoes.... It will be a given that I will end up with way to much eggplant, since this seems to grow off the hook out there. Why I don't know???? Odd... I loved the white eggplant but have not been able to find the seeds this year. So I decided to plant seeds from my white eggplant last year... Then I found out it won't likely be white. I had 2 or 3 kinds surrounding it. So we have decided to name it Surprise Eggplant because I don't know what it will look like. This should be interesting. I would also like to try beans this year again. The deer ate a 30 foot row of beans overnight last season. I have decided to grow beans and tomatoes on my front porch instead. I hope this makes it a little harder for the deer. I have declared war on the deer! I will be trying a few make it yourself sprays (organic) for bugs and deer this year. The bugs are horrible. I would also like to raise some Guinea fowl to help keep the bugs under control this year. I know I will ramble on if I don't stop myself :) I will post pics as the vegetables grow.

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