Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's growing on the ground?

I have a spot in the garden that i have planted a few things right on the ground. above are leeks. I also planted Red onions and bunch onion. I will have to move these when the tractor come in. which is fine. I am going to plant onions all over the place and garlic to help with the bugs. The leeks will find a special Leek garden somewhere off to the side where they won't be bugged! no pun intended. Leeks aren't ready to pull until at least fall and you really want a good hard frost to have at them first. You can leave them in the ground all winter and pull as needed. I have been told that they can even handle getting snowed on. cold improves the taste.
This is a brussel sprout... and a sprout is all that it will be. They don't do so well here. The summer is to hot. I was hoping I could nurse mine and mulch heavily for good water retention. Then maybe give them a screen so they get some sun but don't get burned all summer. I will give it a try even though I will probably fail :( It's just to hot here in the summer. If not i will try to grow them in the fall. They too like a colder day and brisker temp.

More radishes. I mixed up the white and the red so it will be a surprise. I like surprises. It only takes about a month for radishes to grow.

This is one of my shallots finally coming up. Yay! I love shallots... Shallots and potatoes! Most of my garden could be used in a gourmet kitchen. I was thinking about ordering a portabella mushroom growing kit. They are fairly cheap and grow way more mushrooms then I can cook. Something else i might consider selling at market.

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